faulty faulty

My name is Didier, I'm 16 (at time of writing) years old.

I'm always working on random stuff, see #links/git for examples.


To contact me you're going to need my email.
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About Faulty


Faulty has taken a new architecture.
No more high-performance centeralized server; more, on-demand scalable, small servers!
By the way, this home page is far from done and will likely get refactored some time in the future but it works!
The name "faulty" started out as a gamer tag but since then it became so much more then that.
It has become a name that embodies a service provider with a mostly free and open source code base.
A managed, donation-based, hosting solution to allow for careless deployment.

Faulty has become more of a brand and less of a individual's name.